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Retro Activity - Grading your sprint

Here is an idea I had to reflect a bit more deeply on the stories. It's for 'Part 2 - Gather Data' if you follow Esther Derby's 5 steps. The idea is the team can 'Gather data' by reviewing the stories in the sprint using categories of their own choosing.

Intro & Categories

First, together we are going to choose the categories for which to score the stories in the sprint. You can suggest a few categories such as Communication, Planning, and Complexity to get them going, but also allow them to add others if they want to.

Dot Voting

Once complete get them to dot vote on them. (E.g. each person has 3 votes, and they put them on the categories they wish to vote for). The one with the most votes can be used in the next section. (End up with 2-3 categories)

Scoring & Commenting

Next, put the topics at the top and arrange them like a matrix. Each team member should put a score (eg. 0 Poor - 5 Excellent) against each story/category depending on how well they think the team did. Also a column at the end for everyone to add any additional contextual comments. Spend the next bit of time silently scoring the topics for each story and any comments if needed.


Spend time reflecting. As the team summarises, they use the data to reflect on things they might want to talk about in the next part of the retro.

If you find this useful please let me know :)


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