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Lead your teams to success

Bring Creativity & Flow

Deal with uncertainty

Coach Brilliance

Servant leadership... help!

Are any of these holding you back?

How cool is this Agile stuff! You've seen the cool community, the amazing ways of working and the teams smashing their work out the park... 


But somehow this isn't happening now, for you or your team.  

  • Imposter Syndrome 

  • Difficult relationships

  • Uncertainty around servant leadership

  • Being too directive

  • Lack of trust

  • Struggling to influence 

  • Too many priorities

  • More defects than features

  • Disorganised backlogs

  • Difficult culture

Are you doing too much, or feel like you are doing to little? I've really struggled at times with this balance. At times it has affected my mental health and really made me question my ability. 

Having been a Coder, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and CTO I've experienced all of these on both sides of the fence, and helped others struggling too. The balance is fine, and its even tougher when the pressure is on. There are so many rabbit holes and distractions that sometimes it can seem overwhelming to know where to turn.

But all is not lost.  

I can help you to...

  • Enjoy your Agile journey

  • Coach difficult teams and relationships

  • Build your own creative workshops

  • Create and run amazing retrospectives

  • Organise your backlogs & release plans

  • Become a Ninja Facilitator

  • Step back and let the teams do the right thing

Agile Coaching & Mentoring

I was introduced to Agile back in 2010. I was new to management, with a large team of developers working on a legacy codebase. I felt out of control, away from my values, extremely stressed, & frankly not very pleasant to those around me.

Over the years, I learnt that there was another way. It seemed like 'process' at first but it quickly became clear there was so much more I needed to learn. It was a very steep learning curve, with much pain and joy and lots of new friends from the Agile community.​

I have a background as a developer, but I've also been successful as Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Agile Coach. 

I offer coaching and mentoring packages to support you on your journey, sharing my experience, offering ideas, or just simply giving you some time to think. Whatever role you are in, I can help you. 

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agile coaching logos.jpg

How does it work?

Starting with a free chemistry session we can work out the support you need, how often, and agree some goals to help you on your journey. You decide the pace and frequency of the change, I am there to support you with tools, techniques, mentoring or some space to think and help you find the answers you need. 

Build your confidence now!

1. Schedule a free chemistry session

2. Get support, tools and techniques to succeed

3. Enjoy your career

Jon Cockle.JPG

Jon Cockle

Senior Engineering Manager

"Mat's contribution was absolutely phenomenal, especially for me personally as he supported me in my first role in leadership.

I can't begin to explain the impact that Mat has played on my outlook to performing my role as a leader.

He's been pivotal in developing my understanding and appreciation for agile methodologies and general coaching skills."

Ian Main.JPG

Ian Main

Agile Coach

"Mat is an experienced Agile Coach who helped my team and I on numerous occasions.

He has a combination of deep Agile experience, a passion for helping others and high Emotional Intelligence meaning he knows just what to say and how to phrase it in any situation."

Martin Reed.jpg

Martin Reid

Scrum Master

"Mat has provided generous ongoing support and encouragement to myself as a scrum master over the last year or so. He is good to talk to, to bounce ideas off and creates a safe space to allow sharing of difficulties and problems. He also questions and challenges in a constructive way - often with a humorous twist. He is able to help bring out ideas or solutions which are not at first obvious. He has genuine care and concern for the people he works with and I think he gets pleasure from helping to make other people and organisations successful."

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