Mental Fitness
Turn life's challenges
into opportunities

Stop self-sabotaging your life now...

Dont let negative thought patterns get in the way. This program is for you if you want to:

  • Improving your relationships

  • Grow confidence to make big changes

  • Increase resilience 

  • Overcome overwhelm or procrastination

  • Maximise your potential

  • Reduce Stress or Anxiety

What is Positive Intelligence? (PQ)

Negative emotions are there to help you know how to change direction.... but they are not to control you! PQ is designed to allow you to spot the patterns, the warnings, and then turn your reaction to them into a positive much quicker and impact every area of your life.

The key to Mental Fitness is to weaken the negativity and give you space to respond to challenges appropriately. You can then work with positive emotions like curiosity, empathy, creativity, and calm. This 6-week course will teach you how to deal with the difficulties of life, the ups, and downs, the turbulence, with POSITIVE emotion.


As you improve you will see a difference in how you show up at work, transform close relationships, and dramatically change how you feel about yourself. No more spinning in mild drama and negativity. The Mental Fitness gym will gradually build your mental fitness to reduce self-sabotage and enhance your ability to respond in a much more productive way.

Based on the ground-breaking research from Shirzad Charmine, you will be introduced to the concept of Mental Fitness to improve your performance and productivity in all aspects of your life.

Mental Fitness Gym...

You join me and a cohort of up to 5 others as you grow through the 6-week Mental Fitness journey.


Here's what you get...


  • The PQ mobile phone App with mental fitness Gym

  • Each week an hour of new video content to learn about growing your mental fitness

  • 15 Minutes each day of daily practice + journal

  • Access to the audio version of the New York best selling book 'Positive Intelligence'

  • 1 Hour a week cohort group reflection

  • Access to a community of 1000s of others on their PQ journey

Finally, once its over you can choose to keep the app free for a whole year, or take some additional coaching support to continue your journey.

Take the free 2 minute test now...

We all have a Judge, but did you know it can be empowered by accomplice saboteurs?

Take this quick test to see which ones commonly sabotage your life... 

3 Easy steps for enhancing Positive Intelligence

  1. Get in touch and Sign up for the next cohort 

  2. Recognise the 'Saboteurs' and change the negative patterns

  3. Use the PQ Gym to improve Mental Fitness and increase your happiness


Marjory Ortiz

Scrum Master

Taxi for Email

My experience with Mat coaching me, has been beautiful and profound. He went beyond opening a space to allow me to connect with myself in love and acceptance by becoming himself that space where I could feel loved, understood and accepted for what I entirely am.


He allowed me to see things with perspective and detachment, being a mirror that showed me where I wasn't yet with a total compassion and empathy, making feel at peace with all my strong emotions. 

Gary Wills.jpg

Gary Wills

Furlearn Entrepreneur &
CEO of Talent Today.

Where do I start?  Mat's coaching style is calm, thought provoking and yet energising.

I wanted to become more focussed and organised. After our sessions I was exactly that, and my start-up business started to make profits.


His style has really helped me to kick on to another level, giving me clarity and the confidence to use my skills effectively. 

I'd certainly recommend Mat