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Bring your product to life

Think with clarity

Deal with uncertainty

Bring value early and stop wasting money

Bringing your idea to life...

So, you know you're on to something with your great idea. Everyone says so! 

You are so excited about it, and the wheels are in motion... it's all happening but you aren't technical.


You are relying on others to build the right features for you..

The money is going out... but the return on investment seems so far away.. is any progress being made? 

Doubt is creeping in..

  • Will the product be fit for purpose?

  • Will the features of your product and quality hold up to the customers’ expectations?

  • When will you be able to give your product to your customers and get some return?

  • How much more should I invest before I call it a day?

  • Is this new tech start-up the right thing to do?

I’ve have experienced these challenges first-hand and working with my clients.

It can be hard to turn your back on your sunk costs, it can be even harder to know where to turn next.

I can help you to...

  • Bringing a New Product to Market

  • Prioritise too many ideas

  • Overcome procrastination or overwhelm

  • Scale yourself within the business

  • Deal with rapid change
  • Maximise your potential

  • Have the confidence to make big changes

  • Deal with career change

  • Improving your leadership style

  • Get unblocked with something in your life

  • Reduce stress or anxiety

"Mat carefully guided my thoughts which has turned my newly formed start-up into a business worth millions of pounds.” Matt Gilpin  CEO – Sprift Technologies

20200921 - Mat Hayes.jpg

I have been a thinking partner for many people who have been stuck, blocked, or just want some sublime insight for their lives.

As a professional ICF coach I specialise in a unique combination of mindfulness and coaching. My passion has focussed around emotional and spiritual intelligence as I incorporate strengthening techniques to help my clients become more self-aware and resilient.

I have been coaching on differently levels. Supporting individuals on their own personal journeys, to executives and leaders to help change culture and positively affect people’s lives.

My work is strongly influenced by Mindfulness, Playfulness, Improv, Yoga, Randomness, a bit of Geeking and Being a Dad.

I'm Mat...


Discover how to...

  • Return to your values and thrive on your brilliance

  • Access the sublime, ignite your thinking and move forward

  • Feel energised to take the next step

  • Act on your innovation, manifest the future you deserve

  • Remove the blocks that are holding you back

  • Think with ease, presence and perspective

  • Develop an authentic leading presence

  • Improve your performance and enjoy what you do

  • Grow the confidence to bring your new products to market with confidence

Free coaching session!

Want to get started with no obligation?

For a limited time I am offering a free 60 minute coaching session. 

In this session we can uncover where you are now... what you are looking for.. and help you decide what your next steps for success could be.

A Boost to your products & services

In addition to 1:1 coaching and mentoring, I offer a comprehensive product boosting program.  It's designed to get you thinking immediately and start to make change. Over a 3 month period you'll get six half-day sessions with me to help you focus your outcomes, deal with rapid change, and deliver value without wasting money.

My Guarantee

If you don’t realise any value over the 6 sessions I will refund your entire investment. I only want to work with entrepreneurs and leaders that are committed to building successful products and want to grow their business.

Still not sure?

How much more money can you commit whilst not being in control of your destiny?

How much longer can you spend time worrying about the success of your business?



Mat Gilpin

CEO Sprift Technologies

“Mat was instrumental in helping me bring my product to market. He quickly established a great coaching relationship with me, providing mentoring in certain areas to give me confidence in my proposition.  He carefully guided my thoughts which has turned my newly formed start-up into a business worth millions of pounds.”

Brad Picture.jpg

Brad Dowden

CEO - Vintro Technologies

"Mat brought creativity and clarity to my thinking. He combined a range to engaging tools and techniques, along with his excellent knowledge of Agile and Technology. In very short space of time, I was clear on my next steps and he gave me the confidence to act on them."

Elliot R.jpg

Elliot Ross

CEO - Taxi For Email

 "Mat helped me navigate huge growth and change in my successful business. As a founder, he helped me to scale myself,  delegate effectively, improve challenging relationships, and support my employees to feel empowered and collaborate. He gave me lots of space to think, and have the confidence to act on my creative ideas."

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